The Quatermass Xperiment (1955) – watch it in HD on YouTube right now

Not a lot else to say really. Cult classic The Quatermass Xperiment (1955) has been uploaded to YouTube by Hammer in HD and is a available to view until 30 September.

Want to watch it? Here it is…


New music: The Red Suns – Give Me Gold

Re-living the 1980s socially and politically is perhaps not a great thing. But at least it’s a good excuse for some ‘dark’ northern bands to crawl out from the misery. Like The Red Suns.

There’s definitely a touch of Echo and the Bunnymen and Joy Division in Give Me Gold, not to mention a bit of quality. They’re on Deltasonic, which is always a good sign. More on the band on their Facebook page. Or just watch the video.


Kraftwerk – The Robots (1978)

Kraftwerk doing The Robots on French TV in 1978. Spot the dummies. Killer.


The Smiths vs Lana Del Rey: This Charming Video Game

Hey, it’s mash up time – or should that be mashed up? That perhaps depends on your views on either The Smiths or Lana Del Rey, who have been merged together for This Charming Video Game.

Yes really…see below…


Worst. Reggae. Ever. Sandie Shaw – Unknown Reggae Song

The title says it all – this is perhaps the worst example of cod reggae you could ever hope not to hear. Otherwise known as Unknown Reggae Song, ‘sung’ here by Sandie Shaw.

And to think this is the same Sandie that gave us Reviewing The Situation.