Theremin Mini Kit – groovy sci-fi sounds at your fingertips

Theremin Mini Kit

Theremin Mini Kit

An iconic instrument, but one that doesn’t come cheap. Unless you opt for the Theremin Mini Kit.

Those good ol’ folk in Japan have created a small (and cheap) version of the groundbreaking electronic instrument, which was created by Leon Theremin and has been heard on soundtracks for the likes of Spellbound, The Lost Weekend and The Day the Earth Stood Still, not to mention on countless hipster albums and tracks. if it’s spooky, it’s a theremin.

This little one is an entry-level model, said to be easy to assemble (no soldering) and running on 4x AA batteries. There is also a built-in speaker and some instructions and music. All in Japanese sadly, but you can download a pdf of the English version.

Want to see it in action? See below. If you want one, $39.99 is the price from ThinkGeek, which ships worldwide.