Spotify playlist: Now That’s What I Call Overcoat (an alternative ’80s sampler)

The Chameleons - Strange Times

The Chameleons – Strange Times

Ok, this one is likely to chop and change like mad, but if you want to come along for the ride, Now That’s What I Call Overcoat is now available to you Spotify punters.

The clue, as ever, is in the title. This is is a selection of tunes listened to by moody teens in the ’80s wearing long secondhand overcoats and quite possibly, interesting hair to match.

Not all the tunes can be guaranteed as ’80s, some will likely be swapped with others as time passes. But there will always be a minimum of two hours music. Possibly much, much more. If you want in, here’s the link…

Now That’s What I Call Overcoat Spotify playlist

Alternatively, here is the player…