458 archive John Peel shows on Soundcloud – listen while you can

John Peel

John Peel

I don’t actually follow @ttfb on Twitter, but via retweets, that is the person who brought to our attention the availability of 458 archive John Peels shows on Soundcloud.

The length of show varies, as these aren’t just your later years. The oldest shows (Perfumed Garden) date back on 1967, with the archive of shows running until 13th October 2004. As you probably know, the godfather of evening radio died soon after, whilst on holiday in late October of that year.

This selection doesn’t look to be official, more a labour of love compiled over three years and with that in mind, we have no idea how long they will stay for – so enjoy while you can. The mid to late 1980s is a particularly fine vintage. 23/03/1983 has sessions by The Fall and Ivor Cutler, which pretty much is a pinnacle.

John Peel Show archive on Soundcloud