Fizzlefilm: Watch cult vintage movies on your iPhone or iPad



We’ve seen a few sites in the past that have pulled together public domain and vintage flicks on websites, but we think Fizzlefilm is the first to offer it in app form.

The principle is much the same though. All the movies are in the public domain and as such, Fizzlefilm is (legally) free to bring them altogether and offer them for viewing via your mobile device. You can stream these full-length films over 3G or Wi-FI, with new titles being added all the time. Saying that, there’s said to be over 1,000 to kick things off.



Movies are divided by genre (wild west, cult horror, comedy, daring directors etc) and you can watch in portrait or landscape. Is there a downside? Well yes, there are two actually.

As far as we know, this isn’t an Android app (as yet) and also, it’s a paid app. But at £1.49, it’s not exactly breaking the bank.

Fizzlefilm app at the iTunes Store

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